Payment Solutions

Integrated Payment Solutions


Clover Mini at only 19.95 month is our entry level Payment Terminal supporting all card types with rates as low as 0.59% on debit cards and 1.59% on credit cards-Powered by First Data.


TRANSAX is our easy to use Virtual Terminal and Internet Gateway, connecting to a wide variety of shopping carts and E-Commerce Solutions, as well as a Quickbooks interface for E-Billing, E-Payments and more, with Card Not Present and E-Commerce Rates as low as 1.19% on Debit Cards and 2.19% on Credit Cards


Clover To Go, is both an IOS and Android Smartphone App, that turns your phone into a POS Terminal capturing Cash and Credit Card Sales, including item prices, all integrated with Clover Back Office, flat rate pricing as low as 2.69% with only a 9.95 monthly fee.

EMV Upgrade Solutions

PAX S300 Customer Activated Terminal

PAX S300 Customer Activated Terminal is certified with more 3rd party Retail and Restaurant POS Systems for an inexpensive EMV upgrade, available for only 8.95 month per terminal, connect your POS to PAX and protect your profits from EMV related chargebacks

Poynt Smart EMV Terminal

POYNT is an intelligent Android Terminal works as both countertop and mobile as either an standalone or integrated EMV Payment Terminal with leading POS Systems like Micros, Aloha etc, available as low as 39.95 month.

Clover Datapoint EMV Connector

Datapoint EMV Connector App on the Clover Mini or Mobile, provides a cost effective EMV Payment Solution integrated with leading POS Systems like Micros, Aloha, Positouch, Dinerware and others, dont replace your POS for EMV, upgrade to Clover and Datapoint EMV Connector starting at only 29.95/month per terminal

Value Added Solutions

Check Services

CPS offers Telecheck, the worlds largest check guarantee service with features including Check Guarantee, Check Conversion and Electronic Check Deposit and ACH Payments, again-Powered by First Data

Gift and Loyalty Card Solutions

CPS’s offers Unified Payments Fee Less Gift Card Program, no transaction fees, no monthly fees only pay for cards as low as .95 each. Our program supports Electronic Gift Cards, as well as Loyalty Cards for Frequent Shopper and Diner Programs

Merchant Funding Solutions

CPS, offers our Capital for Merchant Program that allows you to leverage your future credit card sales to get Cash today for your business, paid back by deducting a small portion of your daily deposits.  Qualify for up to 80-120% of your monthly processing volume for a cash infusion for your business to buy inventory, remodel or buy another business with Capital for Merchants

C-Store, Petro Solutions

Powered by First Data

First Data’s Buypass Platform is the #1 selling network for Payment Transactions, in the Fuel, C-Store and Supermarket industires-supporting all of the major POS and Software solutioins including Verifone, NCR, Gilbarco, Tokheim and Dresser Wayne

Full Support for all Card Types

Full Support for all Card Types including Fleet Cards like Voyager and Wright Express that are funded as the same time as Credit Cards within 24-48 hours of settlement.

Clover Fuel POS

Fuel for Clover, allows you to use Clover Station POS connected to your Pumps and Fuel Controllers for a low cost intergrated add on app, starting at only 40/month per Clover Station

High Risk Payment Solutions

CPS Secure Pay by EZIC

High Risk Merchants need flexibility to process payments anywhere and anytime, our Secure Pay Gateway, supports multiple merchant accounts, with advanced fraud detection capabilities and load balancing functions so you never lose a sale

SignaPay Domestic Payments

SignaPay’s Domestic High Risk Solutiosn support Adult, Nutra, Credit Repair, Collections, Travel and other high risk industries with a US based merchant account starting at 4.95%

SuitePay International Payments

SuitePay is our offshore provider for hard to place merchant accounts in High Risk Markets with weekly funding and rates starting at 9.95%