Payroll Solutions

Payroll Solutions

CPS Payroll-Powered by Sage

CPS Payroll-Powered by Sage offers an easy to use web based payroll application, that integrates both with CPS’s Point of Sale Systems, as well as popular accounting packages like Quickbooks and Sage. Stop managing different systems and applications, let CP’s Payroll Program import your Timekeeping Data from your POS and update Payroll and Accounting automatically

Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll Overview

Outsource your Payroll to Sage, let us import your timekeeping data from your POS or Clock, update and process your Payroll, File Your Taxes, Print your W2’s and update your Accounting all starting at only 69 month and 1.69 per employee per deposit.

Sage Payroll Demo

Check out a self running slide show overview and demo of Sage Web Based Payroll.

Homebase Labor Scheduling

Use your Clover POS as a Clock for your Employees, Schedule Your Employees, Track their hours, Update your Sage Payroll all from your Clover or Poynt POS System